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About Us

I'm an animal lover pure and simple. I  was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by animals, including an African grey parrot who ate our kitchen wall! My father and I have also been involved in rescuing several dogs over the years.


I started working in pet care in 2008 which is when I discovered pugs and instantly fell in love with them.


Whether you’re at work or on holiday, your dogs will be treated and loved as part of our family. It’s a very familiar sight in our house to find the dogs on a nice comfy bed, or curled up in a blanket on the sofa.

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What our customers say

"Hippo adores Daisy and is always excited and happy when he sees her, which is a testament to what a great walker/carer she is. She is 100% reliable and trustworthy - I never worry about Hippo when he is with her. She also genuinely loves the dogs she cares for too"


Lucinda Robins - Hippo's owner

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